Auction Services

Baker & Bellis Auctioneers offers you a licensed auctioneer and certified appraiser, a professional staff, and an experience that will help you understand why the auction method of selling is so popular. From our pre-auction set-up, to our auction day proficiency and our after auction service with final settlement, we are confident we offer you the best services available.

Any licensed auctioneer can legally sell your items, but they cannot deliver the auction day advantage and after auction service that Baker & Bellis Auctioneers does. Because of this quality service we can offer you the best value for your money. We are confident that after your auction you will be proud, and more than satisfied, that you chose Baker & Bellis Auctioneers. When it comes to professionalism and success you get what you pay for. See our Testimonials Page from past clients who have used our services to see for yourself.

What Baker & Bellis Auctioneers Does Best


- Baker & Bellis Auctioneers will custom tailor an auction to fit your individual and unique needs.

  • Would your auction work best on site or off site? We can handle that!
  • Does your auction need advertised to a specific clientele? We can handle that!
  • Do you have a business of any type to liquidate? We can handle that!
  • Do you have a small or large farm with land and/or equipment? We can handle that!
  • Are you in charge of an estate or have you inherited a property? We can handle that!
  • Do you have a collection of guns, coins, jewelry, or other collectibles? We can handle that!
  • Do you have surplus equipment, vehicles, boats, recreational vehicles? We can handle that!
  • Does your auction need to happen quickly or do you need time to finalize something first? We can handle each situation!
  • Do you need an auctioneer that has confidence and knowledge from beginning to end? We have the best auctioneer in the business!

Baker & Bellis Auctioneers skillfully offers both property and real estate auctions for people looking to downsize or scale up, splitting of assets, moving out of the area, or any other reason you may need, including business liquidations of all types. We have experiences with it all!

Don't assume a realtor can best offer your home or business for sale. Baker & Bellis Auctioneers can auction both property and real estate in the same day, achieving the best price in the quickest manner possible. By simple nature of a public auction, bids always increase, they never decrease. Baker & Bellis Auctioneers will get you the best price in the shortest amount of time at auction. Give us a call!


- Our lead auctioneer and appraiser, Bill Bellis, Jr., is a Certified Appraisers Guild of America appraiser handling appraisals for inheritances, divorces, business liquidations, and any other tangible item needs you may have. He is able to travel to your location in order to appraise your items or business at a mutually convenient day and time. We work with individuals, attorneys, businesses, estates, and trusts.


- If you don't think you have quite enough items for your own auction, Baker & Bellis Auctioneers can still help you! We can buy your quality items outright, so you can move forward with you needs. Each situation is different, and Baker & Bellis Auctioneers would like to discuss some options with you.